Will.I.Am is known in the EDM scene for his theft of Arty and Mat Zo‘s track Rebound. But, that is a thing of the past now. If you haven’t been made aware, Will.I.Am has taken to DJing recently and I have just so happened upon a good quality video of one of his “sets” to share with you. Keep in mind this is about a year old of a video from a 2009 show, but point remains.

Now, when I say DJing, I mean terrible transitions on a controller with the most annoying “MC” (Will.I.Am himself) constantly talking over the music. You know that this is destined for failure when he has a mic taped to his face and begins to “pump up the crowd” with repetitive catch phrases on his hydraulic-powered stage. But enough of my ranting, watch the video and enjoy a good laugh or two as I’m sure our entire audience will enjoy this comical act.


It’s just what I needed to put a smile on my face after a particularly grueling week, so I hope it does for you. Oh, and let me extend my wishes for a very happy Summer to any students that are finishing up the semester; this means FESTIVAL SEASON!!!

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