With all that has gone on with Ultra and Miami, you would think the vote to keep the festival in its usual home would have been less lopsided. No matter, the 4-1 vote that took place today, after being pushed back, has permitted the results that we were hoping for. Ultra will stay in Miami. Although, this won’t be without its stipulations. Three conditions were asked of Ultra, all of them reasonable:

1. Increase Police security. (Miami Beach’s Police Chief has already been hired as Security Director)
2. Hotline for disturbed city residents to report issues.
3. ZERO TOLERANCE policy on drugs or any offensive behavior.

I think we can live with that. We need to. We can’t have another battle like this, for any festival. We only had to stave off one vote from commissioner Marc Sarnoff, who helped file this ban, but next time we could have many more. Let’s not have there be a “next time.” Yea?

Source: WSVN