In the face of massive anticipation thanks to Part I, Illenium and Said The Sky, with the help of Sirma, at last drop the next piece of ‘Drop Our Hearts.’ Much like Part I, soaring vocals are a centerpiece and carry a great weight of the emotional impact of the track, of which there is a lot.

However, Part II seems to simultaneously go harder while bringing the melody and emotions even deeper. I’m a huge sucker for a melodic bassline and growls, so I’m already sold. Additionally, the amount of female vocalists getting into the EDM game these days is staggering, yet every time a new one pops up there’s still cause for celebration. There aren’t many sounds more pleasing to the ear than the soft voice of a talented woman. The sound design perfectly parallels the vocals, coming in soft and going hard. Not to mention the bridge which adeptly brings the energy down with a beautiful piano arrangement and Sirma’s vocals.

Download the track for free HERE. And support IlleniumSaid The Sky, and Sirma on Facebook.