“We are so sorry.”

Those are the four words that Barely Alive and Twine left us just before unveiling their remix of Avril Lavigne’s “Hello Kitty,” better known asĀ the worst music video ever.

Our own Matthew Meadow was brave enough to review “Hello Kitty” last week, noting the worst part of the song to be how “the drop could have been improved upon.” Maybe your words got taken a little too seriously, Matt! Here we have a much more functional beat that stabilizes all of Avril’s kawaii dreams, a bridge full of phaser’d vocals, and a drop that is – you guessed it – actually pretty good! The rhythm even vaguely reminds me of the classic Bassnectar & ill.Gates collaboration, “Open Your Eyes” … oh no, did I just indirectly associate Nectar with Avril Lavigne!? I’m feeling nauseous now.

The best moment of this spoof track comes during drop two. For a few seconds, we could only scratch our heads as Avril’s original abomination plays unedited; but the trainwreck beat is derailed by a massive, electronic “NO” – echoing staggering community consensus. And then it’s gone, just as quickly as this whole mess got started.

We applaud Barely Alive and Twine for finding light in the darkest hole EDM has ever stuck its head into, but it’s time for this track, Avril Lavigne, and any other electronic music con artists to disappear forever.

Download HERE, if you dare.