I’ll have to admit, it feels pretty cool to hear unreleased music. Today, Your EDM has the fortunate opportunity to share with you a track that we had a sneak peek on from Dudley Slang. His KAÏRA CITY HOUSE MUSIC EP is set to come out April 29th, with his track “Goofy Dogg Exit” being one of the gems that you can snag once that day comes around. For now, you get the stream only, but you’ll dig. Funky tech house with old school vibes is what your ears will be privy to in just a few short moments. First I have to tell you just how much it will get you to dance your ass off to this record. Let’s just say there’ll be a lot of dancing. The other thing that must be noted are the wacky sounds that are strewn about the composition. Weird, cool, funky, awesome. All those things in one. Get ready!

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