Tell me, when is the last time you’ve heard an electronic EP that is a fully constructed and explicitly clear story? One of the beauties of music is taking the listener on a journey and in this debut, self-produced EP, well-loved vocalist Jeff Sontag does just that. From the beginning of his night to it’s end just hours later; this is a story of lust, passion, and a pure-of-heart freedom of expression from this creative genius.

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Here’s what Jeff has to say about the EP, including details of it’s true inspiration:

“It’s inspired by this girl. She and I met at a club one night and everything about her was incredible: the looks she threw me, the way she moved – just perfect. We went back to my place and after a few hours we found ourselves lying in this post-passionate haze, smoking a joint, and just soaking up each other. We stayed awake sharing stories from our past and talking existentially until the sun rose and cars started driving by outside. By the time we finally fell asleep I was floating in this insane inner calm.

The next day I locked myself in my room and started to draft this EP. The continuous mix is arranged to emotionally and psychically follow the events of that night. I even revisited Sound—the LA club where we met—to record my own samples and really flesh out the ambient vibe. The morning marked the end of our relationship. It seemed enough to let the experience we shared leave its mark and then slip away.”

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