I take pride in saying that I went to school near to where Jeff Montalvo, aka Seven Lions, grew up. It doesn’t make a bit of difference in either of our lives, but what he’s done with his latest release Worlds Apart is just so good that I want to be associated with him. The reason being that anyone associated with him right now is bound to get a lot more publicity. He’s been on tour for nearly two months now, and with the EP dropping today, the shows are only bound to get bigger and rowdier.

Every piece of the Worlds Apart puzzle is uniquely crafted to add the greatest possible effect during production. Vocalists Ellie Goulding and Kerli are the sort whose voices soar so far above the rabble that you forget what’s going on around you. The first track ‘Don’t Leave’ is a testament to Seven Lions’ creativity and prowess in the studio as he masterfully blends trance-like synths and melodies into a rough and energetic drop. The title track ‘Worlds Apart’ makes use of Kerli’s vocals and combines some incredible arpeggios and melodies, falling into an utterly breath-taking drop that makes your heart skip a beat. The subtle stabbing bassline behind the wonderfully crafted piano arrangement are why people have taken to love Seven Lions’ magnificent style.

‘Strangers’ is a re-release on the EP, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that it doesn’t fit the style of the release as a whole. It’s a wonderful representation of who Seven Lions is as an artist and what caught the attention of so many with his trance + dubstep fusion. However, it is ‘Nepenthe’ that I want to look at more closely. Utterly melodic and quietly creeping in the beginning, it quickly builds momentum and the drums pound away as if urging an army to march. Though, I don’t even know how to describe the drop other than powerful. It’s really something else and I’ll let you guys decide on your own. The final track brings Kerli back, in what almost resembles a progressive rock track in its arrangement.

The variety demonstrated by Seven Lions with this release is above reproach, as are his production skills. Fans of both dubstep and trance will fall in love with his sultry melodies and subtle basslines, flighty synths and killer sound design.

Check out the full release below and support the artist by visiting iTunes.

Also be sure to check out Seven Lions as he makes his last lap around the US in his Worlds Apart Tour.

Seven Lions Worlds Apart Tour