Just in time for finals week (hopefully yours aren’t half as bad mine is), a new group to the scene, Hey Day, releases their brand new single, “Adderall,” and just like the drug, their music has the tendency to be extremely addicting. Hey Day is comprised of three NYC natives: producer Andrew Underberg, guitarist Andrew Spelman, and vocal/guitarist Jesse Fink. But ladies be aware, these musically-gifted studs will likely bring out the inner Backstreet Boys/*Nsync/Jonas Brothers obsessive fan. In other words, get ready to wait in lines backstage after one of their concerts solely so you have a chance of so much as seeing them up close, or even better, touching them. (See picture below.)


Make sure to keep yours eyes wide open for this talented (and really, really good-looking) trio, you’ll definitely be hearing a lot more of and from them. Check out their latest track below, and then make sure to grab the free download!