As proved by the likes of various famous remixes, Ellie Goulding‘s voice is the ideal candidate to mix with electronic music, and Philadelphia’s dynamic duo Vaux & Rivera did not miss a beat to take their own electro spin on her hit Goodness Gracious. Remaining true to their melodic appeal, Vaux & Rivera completely transform the original, flawlessly melding the airy and distinct vocals of Goulding with a progressive house beat.

The first build-up utilizes the original chorus of Goodness Gracious accompanied by a strengthening beat before dropping into a melodic and danceable breakdown. The second buildup only intensifies the energy of the remix as Goulding‘s vocals fuse into the beautifully arranged composition. Just when you think the vibrant track is leaving you high and dry as everything becomes muffled, the final breakdown takes over and picks the energy level right back up with its prominent melody and sound. Vaux & Rivera‘s remix of Goodness Gracious is both zestful and impassioned, the perfect combination to create a great progressive house track. Grab it for free here and show your support!