Brooklyn’s Space Jesus invites you to take a celestial swing through the cosmos on his ATOM + EVE rocket ship and ride psychedelic bass lines, funky break beat rhythms, and mind flexing sampling that weave between the sound waves of his imagination. This elaborate 4 track EP comprises a range of future bass soundscapes that will fit nicely next to your library of Bassnectar, Buku, and Tipper tracks. As a collection, the EP is nestled in the downtempo range, but it finds influence in a variety of tempos and beat structures including, island dub reggae (HMU), minimal hip-hop (Mom’s Spaghetti), and southern trap (Nice A** Yeans).

Space Jesus‘ sound inhabits the plural corridor of dance floor glitch hop, experimentally funky dubstep, and has a bit of sonic patchwork sewn with the ever-expanding textures of purple sounds. – Lost In Sound

Your EDM is happy to premiere the ATOM + EVE EP as a “pay what you will” download and we encourage you to offer up half of your weekly allowance to Space Jesus in appreciation of this kaleidoscopic assortment of hyper-nova powered beats. Keep in mind, the person that always takes and never offers anything in return, rarely gets invited to the cool kid parties.

Check out the stream of ATOM + EVE below, grab the download, and hit up Space Jesus on social media to unlock the many passages of his enigmatic mind.

Space Jesus Tour Dates:

6/21 @ Hegstrom Hill – Brooks, Maine

6/28 @ BASSment Saturdays, Webster Hall – New York, NY

7/11-13 @ Luna Light Festival – Barto, PA

7/24- 26 @ Farm Fest – Vernon, NJ

8/09 @ Wild Woods Festival – Croydon, NH

9/19-21 @ Great North Festival – Norridgewock, Maine
+ More US Club Shows TBA

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