It could have been any other day on March 20, 2012. Deadmau5 had yet to release his album > album title goes here <, and he was live streaming with fans. Suddenly he receives a tweet from a vocalist named Chris James saying that he had done a vocal mix over a track called “The Veldt,” which at that time was still just an instrumental.

Fast forward about six months, and James is now a featured artist on the album. It constantly amazes me how social media can simultaneously create such incredible opportunities as this and yet at the same time be used to start flame wars and “u wot m8.”

Check out the video that popped up on reddit 3 days ago, and pay attention to Joel’s reaction. (The video has been previously available, but only the audio, not the actual video.) He is so genuinely happy and amazed at what Chris put out that it becomes infectious and you can’t help but smile along.