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Toronto’s Exhibition Place would not have its walls vibrate with dance music once again, if the city council did not overturn the ban. Voted 31-4, the venue can again host edm events.

Gord Perks, Toronto’s City Councillor, said that the issue was nothing more than a “manufactured moral panic.” On the contrary, he sided with edm events taking place at the venue:

“All the evidence I have seen says that holding (EDM events) at Exhibition Place is safer,” Perks said.

The ban was suggested by Muzik nightclub, a local club that operates on the same grounds. Is it by chance that it is the same nightclub that the Mayor Rob Ford goes? Probably not.

Perks also said that events at Exhibition Place are the “safest way for young people in the city to have fun.” Hopefully Toronto edm culture will not stop, just because businessmen want to make extra money.

Via: dancingastronaut and Toronto Sun