The Dutch duo Cleavage joined forces with fellow Dutchman Lars Vegas to bring us the deep and soulful tune, Grace, upcoming on Toolroom Records. Marking their debut release with ToolroomGrace is a quality offering from both of these up and coming acts, who have both been gathering momentum and building their names in the scene respectively.

Grace‘s atmosphere is built by the wet-ness of the vocal selection and its synergy with the progression of its airy, yet energetic synthwork. Smooth house chords ride over the tracks tasty groove, creating a track that bends elements of deep house, garage, and tech house into a fresh mix of old and new school. The balance between vibe and energy in this tune is spot on and, on the whole, represents a widening of Toolroom‘s vision for the future.

With the rise of Future House and a revival in Deep and Tech House, a new ‘generation’ of talent is poised to make their mark in the annals of House music history – one which Cleave & Lars Vegas are fixing to leave their mark in. Check out the tune below and grab your copy on Beatport.




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