Disciple Recordings just furnished one of the best compilations of the summer. Densely packed at 23 tracks, this best-of label showcase (and its cryptic title) cannot be overlooked.

Dodge & Fuski start things off with “Vice,” a crazily catchy mashup with Culprate. The west coast hip hop-styled beat is brilliant! Top shelf funk that strikes a Gramatik vibe. Astronaut & Eyes follow the vibes on “Pinball.” The voice-choppy house collaboration channels early Deadmau5 and Skrillex vibes, incredibly catchy just like its predecessor.

Habstrakt‘s “Listen VIP” is FIRE; an upbeat anthem that’s hypnotic and jaunty, and one of the most unique tunes we’ve heard all year. It might just steal the show… but keep listening!

Diamond Eyes delivers a smasher called “Nightlife” off his new EP of the same name. Featuring self-produced piano, vocals and beats, few other tracks contain the musical integrity that Diamond Eyes is establishing a name for himself with.

Xilent‘s remix of Dodge and Fuski’s “Turn It Up” sounds like a walkie-talkie beeping in rhythm, and its great! There are multiple tempo changes throughout that give the track an odd, distinctive style. We appreciate the steps Xilent took out of the box on this one.

Listeners are also treated a huge Bar9 remix of D & F’s “Bringing Wobble Back.” The wobble has definitely returned, but Bar9 adds his own signature gruffness to the mix. ‘Purgatory’ on the whole features mostly danceable jams, but there’s just enough hardcore energy injected to satisfy the bassheads tuning in. Few producers enthrall us quite like this UK legend.

Late on the album is “High Roller ft. Splitbreed,” a trap/house delight by Pegboard Nerds. The Nerds have cranked out huge hits in multiple genres and this hybrid track finely showcases the skill.

Disciple Records went above and beyond to bring you the highlights of their early success. “Purgatory” is a generously-portioned steak dinner for the entire electronic community, bringing the entire crew into the master category as well. Congratulations guys!

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