School’s out for some of you, summer is on the horizon and the freedom that comes with those is just outside our grasps. The good vibes will be shining as bright as the sun, with good music playing in the air; music like Thomas Jack‘s remix of “Gold.” He turned the Gabriel Rios original into a laidback tropical house edit whose composition sees multiple acoustic elements stationed within it like a violin and flute. That’s not something you hear everyday, which is just one of the things that makes this track special. This is no “summer anthem” in the terms you may think of it, but I’d have to say this is just as big as any “anthem” you are going to hear in the next few months. In celebration of reaching 50,000 followers, the Australian released this cut for free on his Facebook. You’ll want to snag it because it is what the title says it is. Pure and unadulterated.

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