It’s finally here, the elusive date many have been waiting for. A few days ago the British trio NERO comprised of Daniel Stephens, Joe Ray and vocalist Alana Watson released a mysterious message, comprised of two clues, a name and a date. The date, May 13th. The name, Satisfy. May 13th is finally upon us and we are satisfied…partially as we now await what is sure to be a masterful album. After an extended hiatus, NERO decided to reveal what they’ve been eagerly but quietly working on.

From the second the track begins, you know you’re in for a treat. The intro is ambient and ephemeral, showcasing Nero’s expert production techniques. Don’t be surprised to find goosebumps covering your skin and a wave of nostalgia washing over you as Alana Watson’s beautiful, haunting vocals make their appearance as the track builds towards it’s much anticipated breakdown. And when it hits, you’ll most definitely be satisfied. The signature Nero sound is well represented here; returning to the complextro style present in several tracks on ‘Welcome to Reality’, the duo combine crisp percussion with driving saw-waves to create a hard hitting up-tempo tune that makes it nearly impossible to not move your body to the beat.

Satisfy will be available for purchase at midnight on iTunes.

Words by Elliot Sachs & Matthew Wolfe