UPDATE: Producers can send in their music to Insomniac Records through the link HERE. No matter if you are Hardwell or Joe Shmo, send your music in because they will be taking artists from all walks of life.

A few months back it was reported that Insomniac was forming a new imprint called Insomniac Records. Other than the logo and the first announcement not much more had been released on the matter, at least until today. First unveiled by Billboard, it now appears that Pasquale Rotella will be partnering with Interscope Geffen A&M to create the new label, Insomniac Records.

On the new partnership and label Pasquale had this to say:

“We formed Insomniac Records because we saw the need for a label that fosters the unique talents of dance music artists while also giving them a powerful platform to share their music with fans around the world,” said Rotella. “The Interscope team has an unparalleled track record of success and I believe that with our combined efforts, Insomniac Records will launch the careers of undiscovered artists while also attracting established producers, allowing them to create music that the fans will love.”

The first planned release on the label will be Arty’s upcoming “Up All Night” which you can listen to down below. Personally I’m incredibly interested to see how this partnership develops and how far and wide the label can grow. If partnered with their Discovery project it could truly open the door to some great artists and shed light on some amazing but still undiscovered talent.

Source: Billboard Biz