As a part of Most Addictive Records charity compilation, Ray Volpe produced a super clean track called “Stranded.” One reason that comes to mind for that name is because you will literally be stranded on one song and one song only after you have a chance to experience this one. It has a strong Eastern vibe due to the choice of instruments that are used. Ray has been getting more into trap lately, and for good reason too; he is expanding his sound (he also has another project) to rid himself of any limitations for the future. Because this kid is going to have a successful one. He’s already joined the likes of Dodge & Fuski, Spag Heddy, Barely Alive and Astronaut on this compilation, as well as released numerous tracks. I suggest clicking the donate link to check out the rest of the songs and lend your hand to a great cause. What you’ll get is the satisfaction of helping those in need, all while getting twenty-five incredible singles.

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