When remixes of Porter Robinson‘s Sea of Voices began sprouting on the internet, I was worried that they would ruin the melodic integrity of the song, that the vocals would just be thrown into some big room or progressive house track, which is what (I assume) Porter was attempting to avoid with his already famed single.

I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled across Ananda‘s spin on the beautiful song. Rather than solely concluding the track with the awe-inspiring vocals such as in the original, Ananda begins his remix with them, setting the tone for the rest of the tune. Utilizing a repetitive sampling of the vocals, Ananda incorporates minimal percussion and off time kicksĀ to create an ambient and chill vibe that still evokes a sense of catharsis the same way the original does. Although unique in his sound, Ananda kept true to the overall feel of Sea of Voices.

Sea of Voices (Ananda Flip) comes full circle, ending the same way it began with the stirring vocals. It is one of those remixes that takes on a whole new spin, but still maintains the appeal of the original.

Download it for free here.