Summer is fast approaching, and what better soundtrack is there than the hazy, golden liquid D&B sounds of BMotion. The young Welsh producer first caught our attention a few months back with his debut single on Soulvent Records, ‘Need Your Love.’ He now delivers ‘All My Love/Reflections’ on the label, two glistening and dynamic tracks, once again highlighting BMotion’s level of musicality (he records his own guitar and drum sections and eye for a melody. I have a strong feeling that he will continue to grab the right kind of attention this year, and will no doubt get snapped up exclusively in the coming months. We spoke about his background, new single and future plans…

What was the first drum and bass tune that you remember hearing?

I think it was a Pendulum tune… But I’m not entirely sure. I remember my friend showing me it on YouTube and I wanted to know more about this strange music, so I searched across the internet for hours finding things, before I discovered DJ Hype’s show on Kiss FM. As a result, my first tracks were all about 15 minutes long as I thought Drum & Bass was always a continuous mix!

Both this single and your previous release on Soulvent have been luscious liquid D&B – do you make any darker tracks as well?

Yeah, my very first release was on Rush Records. Both tracks were quite dark, check them out – ‘Cybergenic’ & ‘Boss Man’. I do love a good dance floor smasher or a dark rumbling roller!

 ‘All My Love’ is the second release that you’ve used the vocals of Jon Lilygreen on. How did working together come about?

We both went to CrossKeys college together studying Music, so that’s how we met. After we finished that, we lost touch a bit; Jon went off doing loads of things and I went to the ACM in Guildford. Then one day, I decided to get in touch with him again as I needed a vocalist for a track that was sitting there, which later became ‘Circles’. We worked well together so decided to keep it going.

What is your production set up at the moment?

Pretty basic – running Logic X through a Macbook Pro. Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 interface, a midi keyboard and monitors. Any synths/effects are all ‘in the box’ and I record guitars straight into Logic and the occasional drum bits and bobs.

If you could describe your sound in three words, what would they be?

Fast Soul Music.

Outside drum and bass, what are a couple of your favourite tracks?

I find it hard to pin down exact tracks as I like so much! But anything by Earth Wind and Fire. Tony Williams (Jazz drummer) has been a big influence on me, along with Jazz in general. I used to be into House and Trance quite a bit, ‘On a Good Day’ by OceanLab was a firm favourite along with ‘You & I’ by Deadmau5. Amazing vocals on both tracks.

Where would you like to see your sound go in the next couple of years? Do you have any dream record labels you’d most like to work with?

I don’t like to plan any type of sound, but I would like to branch out into other genres at some point. I would love to explore creating sounds from each decade and morphing them into a modern setting. There are lots of labels I would like to work with and I hope I get that chance in the future! A dream label would be somewhere I could release any genre of music and it be received by an equally open minded crowd.

Be sure to grab a copy of ‘All My Love/Reflections’ right here.