Bassnectar has been keeping us guessing with the variety of tracks he’s teased off his June 24th release Noise VS. Beauty. Todays track, “You & Me ft. W Darling” is a massive dubstep tune with elements of trance and electro woven between angelic vocals that mirror a ballad-like tone and claim, “it’s you and me against the world now.”

This one takes us to the beauty side of the upcoming album and displays a cross between the progressive sounds of the 2013 single “Expanded” and the heartfelt chords of “Take You Down.” Many long time fans of Bassnectar have become confused and frustrated with his evolving sound, but as the album title implies, he is giving the listener two sides of a spectrum so that the ear can bounce between their similarities and compare their contrasting elements. “You & Me” is certainly designed for his live performance and will counterbalance the other “banger” tunes that dominate his set.

You can stream the track below and grab it as a free download when you pre-order on iTunes here.