The lines continue to blur between genres with Tiesto‘s remix for Chris Lake being a stellar example of the walls closing in. “Helium” has been making its rounds, but now it is time for the sage to take some of the spotlight – or filter light to Chris – by turning up “Helium” a bit with some electro flare. The original is a progressive staple that goes heavy on the concept of melody; Tiesto keeps with that approach and adds a sweet groove to make the song even more dance friendly. With all the official remixes that have come out so far, I have to say this is in my top two for sure. Lazy Rich & AFSHeeN brought the electro, but Tiesto brought a little of that, along with a heavy dose of the anthem’s original qualities. That’s why I want to give the edge to the Dutchman. The thing is, you can be your own judge. Do you think Tiesto’s remix stacks up to the rest?

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