As I mentioned in my previous Interview with Complexion, which can be read here, he has some surprises in store for the music world. One of those being the announcement of a record label dedicated to releasing the best future beats out there.

Future Beats Records was announced on episode 044 of The Future Beats Show.


The label itself was created through The Future Beats team including Complexion, Ayaz Hussain (Co-founder of Beatz Magazine and producer under the YAZBEATZ moniker) and, Trap Door. Needless to say there is not only an abundance of experience but also talent behind this label.

In what was an exciting start, FBR released their first EP from Singularis, In The Night. It can be purchased on their Bandcamp here.

“In The Night” features 3 tracks and absolutely lives up to the hype that is surrounding FBR and the future beats movement.


This installment from TFB team is more evidence that this genre-melting sound is here to stay and now has an official home at FBR.

Check out the FBR Facebook and Twitter pages and be sure to keep up to date on all thats going on, there is more great music on the way as Complexion also shared that the label was planning to release 4 EPs this year.

I am excited for these guys, it is extremely apparent how much work and thought has been put into this project. Heres to more future sounds and to FBR.