The name Glastrophobie continues to surface on our site for one simple reason; the man can make some killer deep house. He returns from his remixing duties on “Red Moon” from Those Wicked Hours which he dropped over two weeks ago. This time, Glastrophobie delivers another chill revision of yet another youthful talent.

Following names like Anna Graceman, Pacific Air, and DaughterLauren Aquilina is an eighteen-year-old British-Maltese singer and songwriter who currently resides in Windsor, Berkshire. The song “Get Here” is actually a song writtend by Brenda Russell but received major fame from Oleta Adams that Lauren covered in 2011. Glastrophobie takes the original cover and offers a remix that utilizes soft harmonies and Lauren’s complimentary vocals creating waves of tranquility for the listening ears. When this song plays, listeners are disconnected from the world and enter a wonderland of melodic piano and gentle claps for over seven and a half minutes. Another masterpiece from the German maestro is now free to download from SoundCloud (which I recommend everyone do).