Drums On Acid, otherwise known as Cary from Infected Mushroom, gets things rolling for the twelfth chapter of the Conspectus series with “The Shadows.” You can sense some tech influences mixed with electro and melbourne which all culminate for a really fascinating original work. With DOA winning the Discovery Project, he is able to play at EDC NY Sunday, which probably means he will play this. Just imagine the crowd… Or better yet, be there!

Chachi is making a return to another chapter with his original work, “Never Alone.” Natascha Bessez is the featured vocalist for this progressive anthem whose inspiring lyrics are mirrored by the equally uplifting instrumental. It’s one of those songs that is extremely hard to get out of your head once it nestles itself in your brain. It is a big tune, with a lot of heart. I’d definitely say it is worth the purchase price.

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Next we have a bootleg from Landis, who took samples from DJ Hanzel Instagram videos and utilized them in conjunction with “Gecko” to create this jam. It’s basically a musical match made in dance music heaven. A great tool for live DJs, this single will help to get the crowd to go one deeper. Thankfully, you can get this one for free as well.

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If you’re track is called “Universe,” it better be grandiose. In the case of Marcio Lama and Binks, they did justice to the cosmos with their new single that you can download for free. A progressive festival hit with a strong melody, “Universe” characterizes all the good things about the lighter side of house music. Marcio knocked it out of the park with this one.

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Chilling things out are Chorne, whose bootleg of “The Longest Road” by Morgan Page is three minutes and forty-five seconds of pure enjoyment. I really like the vocal running throughout most of the song; there’s just something soothing about the actual voice, even though the lyrics aren’t speaking about the most joyous content ever. To my surprise, this is the track out of the bunch that I have had on repeat the most!