The Lonely Island, Lil Jon and Sam F; need I say more? Not really, but I will, because if nothing else I have to let you know that Your EDM has an exclusive two day download for “When Will The Bass Drop,” the new single from the aforementioned collaborators. Soon to be purchasable online, this huge electro anthem, produced by Sam F, is set to be one of the biggest EDM tracks released this year. Already having been featured on Saturday Night Live, “When Will The Bass Drop” is another example of dance music reaching the mainstream. Sam talked a little bit about the single with us in preparation for the exclusive and subsequent full release. Again, the exclusive will only last two days, so you better take advantage of it now.

We had the chance to talk to Sam F a little bit about his experience leading up to and including his work with The Lonely Island and SNL:

I had a Lonely Island connect: my dad was good friend with Jorma’s mom. Got his email when I was 18, hit him up with hella songs for over a year and he responds after a year, like 8 months of spamming, “We want you to remix some Lonely Island shit.” So a year ago I remixed their tunes “Turtleneck and Chain” and “The Creep” I did an official remix for their song YOLO with Adam Levine, which got released as a vinyl single and also had a shot at a bunch of opportunities like an AT&T Kids commercial Jorma directed, but that didn’t end up running.

They [LI] approached me a month ago with an idea for SNL. “Extremely long build,” something super annoying that would just never drop the bass. I ended up having to make so many edits, it was super stressful. As far as the actual video production process, I was pretty removed, obviously. They sent me a manuscript with how they were shooting it so I could interpret what they wanted. They filmed all Friday, so I took the day off of work just to make sure I was available to work on it while they shot. We bounced a ton of versions back and forth all day Friday and Saturday, changing little things up until it aired. The version you saw on TV wasn’t even the final and I had no time to master it so I’m super excited to have people hear the final extended mix.

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