Chicago based rapper Vic Mensa debuted his new single “Down On My Luck” that is to be digitally releasing through iTunes July 6th. This single mashes an urban vocalists flow against a trippy electronic beat; the kind of beat that would be played during an after hours Dj set when everyone is starting to come down and the sun up. Needless to say, the new single from Vic has a strong message accompanied by a video that everyone can personally relate to.

Following Vic through a night out in the club as he makes decisions and interactions with people that continuously steer him in the wrong direction. The guy just can’t seem to catch a break, but by the end he has redeemed himself after numerous fails and re-attempts at the night on hand. He makes it out in one piece and out of harms way which wasn’t the case during previous attempts where he was: drugged, arrested, hit by a bus and puked on. It’s an interesting video and awesome song; give it a listen below before its release in the beginning of July.

Pre-order on iTunes:

 -Chris Wood-