Seth Troxler is poking and prodding the EDM beast and I love it. First we had his thoughts on the EDM and festivals that turned a lot of heads his way; now, the Michigan man has confronted one of the biggest teams in the dance music industry at the International Music Summit in Ibiza. Although Avicii wasn’t there, Team Avicii, led by manager Ash Pournouri, was faced with a dire question: Is this a Milli Vanilli situation?

As a musician, when you are in any way, shape or form put in the same sentence as Milli Vanilli, it is a bit unsettling. Although, the question was justly asked given that EDM is rampant with ghost producers and more importantly, the fact that Ash is credited on Avicii tracks as a writer/producer. Not only did Avicii’s team have to answer that, but they also had to define what Avicii’s music is really all about for the music industry. Luckily for us, this all was captured on video by one of the individuals in the crowd.

What do you think about the whole situation? Are Ash’s answers satisfactory, or do you think there is still more to Team Avicii than we get to see in public?

Source: InTheMix