As a lot of you probably know, there is a merchandising brand that has been at the forefront of the EDM movement the past year.  This company partners with DJs/producers and charities to make a difference in this world.  Some artists on the roster include: Krewella, Adventure Club, Pegboard Nerds, Fedde le Grand, Don Diablo, and 3LAU.  Some charities include: Pencils for Promise, Dance for Paralysis, and Fuck Cancer.  For those of you who don’t know, this is Electric Family.

Electric Family has inspired us because they do not just go through the motions in life; they go above and beyond.  They are making a difference.  They are helping others.  They are doing something bigger than themselves, and they are doing it well.  This is a company that was just formed a little over two years ago.  They have already raised over $50,000 for the charities that are partnered with them.

And they aren’t slowing down.  Not only have they been releasing these sick-looking bracelets and clothing, but they are now expanding and are launching full merchandise for their artists (Adventure Club’s “Stay Gold” collection) and are also conducting philanthropic events with both their artists and fans.

Whether you know all of this or not, we are so excited to give you an in-depth look and share their powerful story with you on Aspire to Inspire tomorrow at 8pm EST.