Featured Artist: Fox Stevenson

Age: 21

City: Leeds, United Kingdom

Genre: Dubstep, Glitch-Hop, Electro House

Exclusive Interview

What drove you to making music?

I have no idea! It’s always just.. kind of been there, always found myself experimenting with things around music and eventually it just turned into something I did every day, be it in punk bands or producing!

Where did the name “Fox Stevenson” come from?

Well, my beard is ginger and I had an old friend who called me Fox because of that! Stevenson is one of my surnames!

When it comes to your productions, you have made dubstep, drum and bass, glitch-hop, and electro house. Why do you jump between genres rather than stick to one?

I don’t know how people can happily produce the same genre over and over again, it’s so limiting, there are tonnes of intricacies to each and every genre, these make you think in a different way, a melody that sounds incredible in a house track may sound terrible when sped all the way up to drum and bass. you have to compose differently in each one, instead of getting yourself stuck in a rut and always making things that only work within a certain set of rules. In my opinion anyway!

What are artists or musicians you listen to the most?

I listen to a lot of songwriters material, I have a deep seated love for dance music and electronica, but it doesn’t fill me up in the same way a well written song does. I LOVE Counting Crows. I also listen to Ben Folds, Jason Mraz, Aesop Tock, Gotye, Imogen Heap, Wallpaper, Labyrinth.

On the dance front some of my all time favourites are Noisia, Koan Sound, Space Laces, Brookes Brothers, The Brig, Spor (please come back,) Eptic, Porter Robinson, Flux Pavilion and loads more!

Is there a “Fox Stevenson Tour” coming in the future and if so what can we expect?

As of right now we’ve secured a booking agent for North America, meaning I should be playing stateside a lot more over the coming year, which I’m super excited for! No official tours yet, but I’ll be around I’m sure!

Of course, I’m gonna be running around the European scene too as always!

Which do you prefer? Performing live or producing in the studio? Why?

They are both very different buzzes, I couldn’t do without either.

Working in the studio, you challenge yourself every step of the way, and the moment you have something that sounds like the track you want it to be it’s a completely indescribable feeling, just pure creation and problem solving.

Playing DJ sets is much more of an interpersonal experience, you get to be a conduit for the music you love as well as your own, you wholeheartedly put yourself on the line and lets the music represent you as a person, and when it’s received well and you can lead a crowd with it, that’s another incredible feeling, it’s much more risk and reward than producing!

What is the inspiration behind the artwork for your new “All This Time – EP?”

You’d have to ask the artist behind it! I sent her the EP and she came back to me with the artwork!

You can find her here.

With the new EP, which song did you have the most difficult time with?

In all honesty, most of these track happened very naturally, simple life has been around a very long time, and had been through about 4 completely different versions before I settled on the one on this EP. Out there was also one I put a lot of effort into, I really wanted to get the lyrical tone right in that one, and the words say to me exactly what I want them to now.

As an artist who seldomly collaborates, do you plan on making music with other producers and musicians?

It’s not through avoiding them, it’s much more to do with finding the right way to collaborate, I don’t really want to send pieces back and forth with people, I want to sit in a room and vibe off them, bounce off each other and get something that we’re both 100% happy with, not something that’s a 50/50 compromise.

That said, some of the people I’ve been working with recently include Flux Pavilion, Feint and Boy Kid Cloud. I don’t know whether any of these will get to a state that they will be released, but I’m having fun, and that comes first in music creation for me.

What’s your favorite character to play in League?

Ok, I wasn’t expecting that one! I’ve been playing League Of Legends about a year now, on Feints recommendation. I usually play mid lane, The champion I play most is definitely Fizz, but my favourites aside from him are Lee Sin, Jax, Jarvan, Zed, Ziggs, Leblanc and Jayce

Where would your dream vacation destination be?

I dunno! Anywhere sunny that I can swim in the sea, skate, climb, eat good food and run around a lot.

I’m not that hard to please…


1. Fox Stevenson – Throwdown

2. Pegboard Nerds – Pressure Cooker

3. Noisia – Deception

4. Fox Stevenson – Let This Go

5. DJ Panik – Super Skank (Phetsta Remix)

6. The Upbeat – Def Crescent

7. Fox Stevenson – Manage

8. Zomboy & MUST DIE! – Survivors

9. Buchan & Bloodfire – Bump That

10. Candyland & Mako – All You Gotta Do (Fox Stevenson Remix)

11. 501 – The Vulture

12. The Brig – All Aboard

13. Knife Party – Destroy Them With Lasers

14. Fox Stevenson – Untitled

15. Flux Pavilion – Gold Love (Fox Stevenson Remix)

16. Camo & Krooked – Loving You Is Easy (Champion Bootleg)

17. Danny Byrd – Bang

18. The Brig – ID

19. Fox Stevenson – I’m a Monster

20. Fox Stevenson – Simple Life (JIKES remix)

21. Brookes Brother – Loveline

22. Fox Stevenson – Better Now

23. Pendulum – Midnight Runner

24. TC – Do You Rock VIP

25. Ed Solo & Deekline – Ragga Tip

26. Fox Stevenson – Out There

27. Fox Stevenson – Untitled

28. Fox Stevenson – Tico

29. Fox Stevenson – High Five

30. Fox Stevenson – Double Up

31. Fox Stevenson – Trigger

32. Spor – Halogen

33. Priority One & Two Thirds – City Needs Sleep

34. Noisia – Program

35. Fox Stevenson – All In

36. Noisia – Regurgitate

37. Fox Stevenson – Use Me