Intellitard, the Berkeley, CA native with a taste for the weirder side of bass music, is back again with a super trippy EP that is sure to have you wiggling around your entertainment cave. Following hot on the heels of his recent release on Street RitualJuicy Dreams and Lucid Schemes EP is a sample platter of squishy bass and spacey beats; with five original compositions and featured remixes from Perkulat0rSpoken Bird, and SAYER, the EP is diverse as it is wonky. English can’t properly describe the smorgasbord of sounds contained within Juicy Dreams and Lucid Schemes and since I know no other languages, you’ll just have to listen for yourself. 

Intellitard is releasing this EP via Wormhole Music Group, a newly formed outlet for the music of the crew that pioneered Wormhole Wednesdays (which is easily the dopest bass-music weekly in the Bay Area). It is the group’s first official release and while donations are greatly appreciated, it can be picked up for free on their Bandcamp page. Make sure to support Intellitard and the Wormhole Music Group via social media if you’re feeling the weird-sauce!


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