The iconic In Search Of Sunrise series has found a new home in Dubai, United Arab Emerates this year, and it promises to be an explosive and emotional experience for those in not only the great East, but also around the world. In 1999, the legendary Trance producer of Tiesto curated this special mix compilation series to celebrate the worldly travels of his yearly schedule. Each year, the mix is attributed to a certain city or country in the world and has featured such places as Asia, Los Angeles, Ibiza and Panama. After his departure from Black Hole Recordings in 2009 to focus on his Club Life imprint, Tiesto handed over the reins to Richard Durand, who’s a highly influential and respected Trance artist who has been DJing for over a decade. Since then, the series has dropped anchor in South Africa, Las Vegas and Australia and each place provides a unique flavor for each Sunrise session. Richard shares his thoughts on the young, evolving Dubai scene: “Dubai is a place I’ve performed in many times now and it’s somewhere I know I’ll never get tired of returning. The people go out of their way to find great music, great nights and great experiences here. It’s that passion, dedication and selectivity that I’m trying to reflect by shining the ‘Search’ light on the emirate“.

The first CD features the best in Progressive and Progressive Trance with Your EDM favorites such as Talamanca and NoMosk, with a perfect opening intro from Mr. Durand himself to signify the settling, burning sunset. From there, we move on into the early night hour with heroes such as RAM, Driftmoon and Sean Tyas providing us with some perfect warm up tracks that rapidly gain traction and speed. Continuing on from Side 1, CD 2 steers us away from the early night and pits us into the purple skies of Dubai’s beaches, as artists like Gai Barone, David Broaders and Moonbeam gently sways us into the deeper, salt tinged nights. Finally, the end of the mix fully envelops us within the passionate, adrenalized nights of Dubai, where the air is thick with musical electricity and dancers are buzzing with youth and joy. Here, we see the purer representations of Trance unfold, as brilliant talents like Ferrin & Morris, ReOrder and Elfsong whisk us away into the early morning hours.


The 3rd and final CD sees a guest compilation from Lange, whose phenomenal technical skills have earned him a highly successful career as a DJ and a producer. He offers his thoughts on the mix: “I was very excited to receive the invite to be part of the legendary ISOS series! I’ve really enjoyed putting this mix together; it turned out pretty dark and moody in the end. [The mix] spans from Progressive Trance to peak time club bangers.” His collection starts off with a grumbling, technical edge, as artists such as Danilo Ercole, Max Freegrant and Future Disciple flex their tech muscles in an outstanding, futuristic fashion. Finally, Lange delves head first into peak time territory with Tangle‘s Firebird and LNG‘s ‘Hey! While The Sun Shines‘ before finishing off with the powerful Melbourne by David Gravell. This entire release promises a journey of the senses in every type of Trance mood imaginable and is definitely not a series to miss out on. Lange has personally contacted us and graciously offered to share an exclusive minimix of his mix compilation, so make sure you check it out above! The fantastic In Search Of Sunrise 12: Dubai will be available next week, June 2nd, but you can pre-order now on iTunes via the link provided below. Fans who pre-order will receive a wonderful digital booklet as well as two bonus tracks: Driftmoon‘s Luminance and Somna & Yang‘s Chasing Stars!


Keep the music alive. -Q


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