Lazer Lazer Lazer and Kruce add some chaos to Elliphant’s spirited “Revolusion” in a collaboration that’s making waves throughout the bass music scene.

This dubstep/drum & bass hybrid introduces Elliphant’s lovely voice to the deeper spectrum of electronic music. The Swedish singer sounds a lot like M.I.A., who was coincidentally the target of Lazer Lazer Lazer’s last remix. This track maintains the high energy feel of the original, while slathering it with gnarly bass we can’t get enough of. D&B breakdowns never get old when executed properly!

We don’t have much background info about the Lazer trio, only that they release some of the best bass tracks of 2014 at a seemingly random pace. The secrecy of their origins only adds to the allure of their music, leading some to believe the Lazers are a supergroup. These tunes are just too good to have been produced by rookies. Listen and decide for yourself below!