In a world that is becoming so saturated with basic dance tunes, the ones that stand out are not only the exemplarily composed tracks, but the passionate ones; they are songs that evoke feelings for the listeners, whether that be a feeling of letting loose and raging to a drum and bass track or a spiritual connection with a trance one.

In a world where progressive house in particular is getting more and more, well, predictable… passion and emotion are the key to making a successful track. Markquis hits this nail right on the head in his original mix of Fallen Love featuring the beautiful vocals of Adam Brausen.

The raw and real lyrics are flawlessly arranged over subtle sounds that carry the song before building up into a catchy and wonderfully melodic instrumental breakdown. Fallen Love merges back into the lyrics to calm down the energy, to allow for the listeners to get lost in the words and fall. Slowly, it utilizes the vocals to start to pick the vitality back up as it drops into the fervid breakdown once more. Markquis’ Fallen Love featuring Adam Brausen is the ideal combination of vocals and instrumentals to create a memorable progressive house track, one that is perfect for festival season.

It’s the type of tune that will make you dance, that will make you sing, and that will make you feel. Grab it as a free download to show your support and enjoy this amazing track!