With the vast amount of electronic music being released every day, even the most diehard fans can’t stop much of it from simply blending in.  It seems this will not be the case for Moody Good, whose debut LP officially dropped today on Beatport (and tomorrow on iTunes).  Released via MTA Records and OWSLA, Moody Good is 15 tracks of original goodness.

From the first song to the last, this self-titled album is built purposefully.  It sets a mood and carries it across genres, so there’s something for everyone.  The LP explores hip hop like “Grumbles N Sparkles,” a dark track set to an ominous beat with an eastern twang, but has a softer side with tracks like “Musicbx,” featuring light piano to support Eryn Allen Kane’s enthralling vocals.  When it’s calm, it’s soulful with trappy songs like “Bubbles.”  When it’s loud, it’s unrelenting with tracks such as “Hotplate,” a screaming dubstep crowd killer.

Moody Good often explores a fusion of several sounds at once, such as hip hop, chill trap, and trip hop.  It’s raw in places, and unafraid to experiment.  If Moody Good’s freshman effort is a sign of anything to come, then we are in for a treat.

Moody Good is available for purchase on iTunes and Beatport!