After winning EDC NY Discovery Project, Drums On Acid is marking his territory in the EDM scene. He creates unique productions and challenges the music that we are bound to hear today, as he emphasizes the use of live drums.

Drums On Acid now introduces us his latest preview of “Triple It” – Remixes. He brings up and comers in the scene to take a spin on “Triple It”. You will hear remixes from Clinton VanSciver, Bul!m!atron, and AM138. Each preview remix introduces you to a different sound. Bul!m!atron brings in elements of hip-hop, that creates a bit of edge to this remix but still maintains the original high synth kick to the track. Clinton VanSciver creates a smooth synth melody and adds in a unique flare of vocals. Lastly, AM138 crafts a remix that is filled with suspense, as they lead you to the ultimate yet stubble drop of “Triple It”.

Official release of “Triple It” – Remixes will be out on June 6, so be on the look out!