I have to go right out and say that Mord Fustang’s remix is the best, but SoySauce brings us an edit of “In The Air” that comes in at a close second. Trap is what the DC/Seoul producer is dominating right now; although he only has a few songs on his Soundcloud, they are all of high quality and of an interesting nature. Safe to say, it’s not your run of the mill kind of music. With such a classic song, you’re going to have to recycle a good number of samples and SoySauce pulls of the reanimation perfectly, taking things a direction that gets the vibes flowing just right. I could have this on repeat all day and not feel one desire to change things up. It may just be the power of the original, but it’s more likely a combination of that and SoySauce‘s uncanny ability to bring dope beats to the net. You’ll want to add this one to your home library, so click the link and download this jam for free.

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