Despite TomorrowWorld bringing over $85 million in revenue to Georgia last year, there were still many complaints about the festival. One of the most salient seems to be the noise complaints over the Q-Dance stage and its hardstyle lineup.

At a meeting with the Cedar Grove community on May 31st, TomorrowWorld representative Barbara Bouckaert, Fulton County commissioner Bill Edwards, and Fulton County Police Dept. Capt. Brian Campbell spoke about regulations, closures, and security at the festival.

According to Bouckaert, due to noise complaints the Q-Dance stage will no longer be part of TomorrowWorld 2014, and the location where the stage existed will remain empty. She goes on to say that she does not mean there will be “one stage less,” but any new stage will be further away and not the same kind of “hardcore” music.

UPDATE: Q-Dance has just taken to facebook to announce that there will be a Q-Dance stage at this year’s TomorrowWorld, although only for one day.