From the massive Trance force that is Infrasonic Recordings comes an emerging talent whose eye for Progressive Uplifting is quickly spreading the purer facets of Trance throughout the entire Uplifting scene. Hailing from Shchelkovo, Russia; Dmitry Lomakin dons his Ultimate moniker and remains in the stealthy shadows, busily crafting beautiful Trance in the form of Anjunabeats‘ nostalgic Uplifting sound with a distinctive 2014 edge. We covered his workings before on Unsung Heroes, where the Gelardi remix of One Way To A Better World captured our hearts in pure, hypnotic bliss; (which you can read here: Throughout his short career, Ultimate has received praise from artists such as Dan Stone and Solarstone, and his recent remix to Vadim Zhukov‘s Moscow Morning has been supported by artists such as Armin van Buuren, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Bryan Kearney and Alex M.O.R.P.H. .  Now, he marks his return to Infrasonic with a gorgeous new single entitled Once In A Lifetime where the emotions that listeners discover through his stellar melodies aptly credits justice to its name.



While we were listening to the fluffy, golden melodies of Once In A Lifetime, we happened to stumble across some very interesting comments about this piece. Quotes, such as, “the title say it all =)….love it, take it, keep it…its once in a lifetime experince =)” to “This is a true 10/10 track, it’s rather an experience than music.“, really brought forth an interesting side perspective to the table. Why would they say this about this particular track? Throughout the last two years, we here at Your EDM have heard and reviewed many Uplifting tracks and yet, this is the first time we have found these kinds of opinions. Maybe it’s because this kind of Trance is a dying art within our hyper-active society. This kind of music was a haven for listeners back in the day and its warm, delicate melodies often wore a badge of honor to represent the Pure Trance movement. While styles such as Kearnage, FSOE and Mental Asylum produce their own fantastic music, too often we find that they don’t contain the life and vibrate that ProgLifting easily delivers. Many of today’s styles are extremely high in energy and while they are excellent to use in clubs and festivals, they often lose that subtle human element that only exists in lower energy Uplifters. Maybe it’s time we stop glorifying peak time Trance and instead equally share our love between Uplifting and ProgLifting, because the latter is ultimately keeping the dynamic spirit of Trance alive.

Ultimate‘s Once In A Lifetime is now available on Infrasonic Recordings via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent!


Keep the music alive. -Q