Undeniably one of the best tycoons of bass music, Apashe, has mapped his Golden Empire and officially solidified it’s place in the vast musical landscapes of electronic music. The kingdom was teased; now, the doors are open for all of you to convert yourselves to the followers of gold, pure musical gold. Comprised of two tracks, Golden Empire was constructed by one of the most forward thinking producers in an effort to establish his reign for the next 10,000 years to come.

I find it hard to believe that one guy can just sit down and bust out anthems like it’s nothing, but that’s just the case with Apashe. Not only are they epic as all hell; they are never to the likeness of other producers tracks, which is just the case with the two that make up the Golden Empire EP. Introducing us to the realm is the title track that features Zitaa as the vocalist who guides you into the heart of the empire. Grand instrumentation must accompany a royal vocal performance and that’s just what you get in the intro. From then on, complete Apashe madness with all the bass you could ask for. The following track, “Sand Storm,” also has a collaborator in Odalisk, who is no stranger to working with the Brussels-to-Montreal producer. This time, they created an exceedingly regal original that has already garnered an incredible amount of success. Expect top of the line production work, unimaginably creative techniques and a level of musicality that most producer pale in comparison to. With the full release comes the availability of digital downloads that can be purchased through the link below. All that’s left is for you to enter the Golden Empire.

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