House lovers rejoice! It’s time for some Crookers remixes! Hot on the heels of the Italian fidget-house legend’s brand new single, Able To Maximize, this groovy Remix EP gives us some fresh takes on Crookers’ latest work. With flips by Chuckie, Mao, Suck Fake, & Franskild, this EP delivers a diverse flavor of house to your eagerly waiting ears. Grab it Here.

This was the only remix on the EP I truly didn’t care for. Chuckies loud and frankly overproduced synths & kickdrums are a bit too much to handle for my tastes, and makes this first track very hard to listen to. However, after that, it’s smooth sailing.

Franskild delivers the goods with an excellently bouncy, deep, tech house flip that is sure to get even the the most jaded house purist tapping their feet. With classic drum samples, dark synths, and those signature deep house vocals, this remix is easily my favorite of the four.

Next, Mao’s Remix takes on a more ambient approach, but is still very enjoyable. His punchy house drums blend perfectly with a well produced soundscape reminescent of a summer afternoon on a cloudy day. This is a tune you can sit back and unwind too. It’s simple, smooth, & groovy. Perfect for your lazy Sundays.

Last but not least, Suck Fake gets a little crazier than Franskild with his fun, fidget-tech house hybrid that had me dancing in my chair like nobodies business. The synths are Crookers-like but not too directly, making this tune incredibly enjoyable and almost like a VIP to to the original mix, which you can check out Here

Next week, will be doing an exclusive interview with Crookers about what he’s been up too and where he plans to take his music in the future, so stay tuned!