When artists set out to have their tracks remixed, LA’s Milo & Otis are always on the short list of producers that are guaranteed to bring a high energy nuance to the table. With this in mind, it is no surprise that DJ VICE solicited the guys to remix his genre-bending progressive house tune “World Is Our Playground” featuring Mike Taylor, which is available on Beatport here. In addition to the Milo & Otis flip, industry favorites Denzal ParkJazzy JeffKemal Golden & Reid Stefan and Treasure Fingers will be featured on the official remix album.

Your EDM is honored to be premiering the stream of Milo & Otis’ trap remix for “World Is Our Playground,” which the guys are undoubtably dropping in front of massive turned up crowds on Skrillex‘s Mothership Tour.  For the remix, M&O lead off with the original’s cosmopolitan-sized, anthem-style hook while cutting it up with light glitch edits and laying it over an arpeggiated atmospheric pad and momentum building tom rolls. As the track progresses and the pitch bends upward, the beat drops after the line “I can see you,” which is a nod to when an artist pulls a switch up, such as the rowdy, bending synth drops that M&O have become known for. To tie it all together, the guys back up the massive drop with their ground shattering 808s and rhythmic snare rolls that provide the perfect bounce for dropping your shoulder and throwing your ‘bows in the air.

You can stream Milo & Otis‘ official remix of DJ Vice‘s “World Is Our Playground” above and grab it, along with the other remixes, on June 9th through Beatport. Also make sure to relive the original mix below!

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