Early back in May we announced the arrival of a new record label, ZeroThree, who would see the future release of a Maor Levi project. Well, that future is now and the Pixel Hearts EP is the release, which features two singles, one of which features collaborators Norin & Rad and Jack Miz. Maor’s talents reach further than you’d expect, but house seems to be where this act thrives. In moving back and forth between various styles, Maor has the ability to craft exemplary tunes that feed a good time habit. Especially with this EP, his fun attitude comes out in full with both tracks; however, they express the fun differently, with “Pixel Hearts” being much lighter than “Good Life.” Even though Maor Levi isn’t necessarily an “unsigned talent,” once you hear these two tracks, you’ll see why ZeroThree couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to host these gems.

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