A little over three months ago, Chicago based Edon released a pop song called “Novocaine” that has since seen over 5,000 plays on SoundCloud. Now the sixteen-year-old gets remixed by Washington D.C. native Ryon Lawford. With a remixing catalog including TiëstoCalvin Harris, The Weeknd, and Kstylis, he gives his distinct touch to “Novocaine” with flawless execution. 

With a fresh breath of electro house, Ryon Lawford starts his remix with the sane light piano melody from the original with 128 bpm upgrade. From there, the song spills into the kick and snares that are swiftly joined by Edon’s adolescent voice and pivots into an electronic bonanza. The real indicator of talent is Ryon’s ability to transform a song full of soul and passion into a dance track full of energy and animation. Just like everything else Ryon has posted, his remix of “Novocaine” is free for download from his SoundCloud and Facebook. Check it out now and let us know what you think.