If you live for dirty beats and heavy bass, you’ve probably heard of Lake Tahoe music-maker, Tincup. Few up-and-comers elicit as much excitement as Tincup does with a new release, and for good reason; his ability to flawlessly blend dubstep and trap while incorporating elements of hip-hop is a testament to the young producer’s talent.

One word describes his latest tune, ‘Whisper’: RAW. The track starts out with a self-written hook and quickly progresses into a raucous buildup filled with heavy kicks and snappy claps. Elements culminate and then climax at the drop, exploding into a driving, bass fueled force of 808s, glitchy vocals, and aggrressive, wubby synth patterns. Make sure to listen all the way through, the second breakdown near the end is even wilder than the first!

Tincup has released ‘Whisper’ as a free download via Buygore, the record label created by renowned dubstep producer, Borgore. If you’re feeling the vibes on this track, make sure to keep your eyes open for Tincup‘s Anxiety EP, dropping June 24th!


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