Welcome the ‘Musical Polymath’, Doorly, as he takes on his mix for the next Toolroom Knights compilation album. ‘Toolroom Knights Mixed By Doorly’ is a solid collection of house music, as he remains true to the house music roots and beats. With a whopping 32 quality filled tracks and a full-length continuous DJ mix, you will be submerged with rolling, deep bass lines and precise house grooves that will unlock your musical senses. Doorly has selected exclusives, recent releases, and classic track’s from Corbu, Green Velvet, Breach, Jesse Rose and Oliver $, Claude VonStroke, Jaymo & Andy George, Gerry Read, Steve Silk Hurely, and many more. Each track selection complements one another, as this is a perfect showcase of his DJing and production expertise. He focuses on the use of different elements while meshing it all together in a beautiful synergy of beats.

Doorly starts off his mix with an exclusive collaboration with Sonny Fodera, “For Me” and boy, what a start. “For Me” is filled with soul, passion, and a house kick-beat that will get your special someone to smile along with you. The second track will get you to instantly clap along, literally. It’s Doorly Clap and Pop Remix of Claude VonStroke’s “Clapping Track”. You will hear the clap and pop groove to this spectacular remix, as it is a mesh of sporadic and symphonic melodies.

Doorly glides you into the third track with Ardalan’s Remix of Jesse Rose And Oliver $, “When We Heard Solid Groove”. Oh yes, it’s a solid groove indeed with a thick bass, crisp cuts, and light fluttering synths that tickle your ears just a little bit. He transitions into “Steven Jello” with Justin Martin & Eats Everything, which follows with the playful rhythms and delivers a bouncy yet cutting edge grip. “Steven Jello” is another uniquely crafted production that adds on perfectly to this compilation.

Let’s move on to the eighth track with Jaymo & Andy George as they give you “Henrys Treat”. Yes, it’s a treat if you listen carefully to the inspirational and in depth talk that is incorporated in this light-tech house track, stepping away from the rather moody, heavy bass feel to a lighter synth melody. Moving on to some of Doorly’s solo and original productions, you will hear the jazz filled beats with “Jazz Rascal”, as he creates a seductive and mysterious aura. Jumping down a few tracks, you will hear other Doorly favorites like “Thunder Clap” and “Ladies Night”, which are both off of his 2014 ‘EP 3 – The Boom Boom Room’.

In the midst, you will take a stop at A1 Bassline Nostalgic Mix of “Set Me Free” by Marc Romboy. Something about this track really locked me right in. Doorly then smoothly transitions into Lukas’ “Narwhals”. It’s a precise and smooth synth melody, as it leads you into a piano solo with a sheer overflow of catchy elements that follow one after another.

Slowly, leaning towards the end of this compilation you’ll hear “My Beat” by Blaze feat Palmer Brown. I instantly reacted with snippets of laughter and joy…“AH, Yes”. It’s a classic and yes maybe a bit before my time but a track that I love. It’s original, fresh, and a classic that can’t be replaced. Doorly ends his compilation with ATFC’s Accapella version of “Mothership” and it’s a perfect touch.

As Doorly mentions in the video below, his productions are filled with energy and made for the dance floor. He definitely delivers the energy, creativity, and groove that will leave you dancing all night long. ‘Toolroom Knights Mixed By Doorly’ is a collection of sounds that steps away from the norm of a regular compilation album. Doorly delivers the prowess of how it’s like to DJ in a continuous mix. This album has expanded my vision and appreciation of music. All in all, it’s a collection of timeless music that will rock any dance floor around the world.

‘Toolroom Knights Mixed by Doorly’ is an album not to miss.

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