Harry Romero invites renowned artists, including Riva Starr, Purple Disco Machine, and Filterheadz to reshape and relive his 2001 classic single of “TANIA”. Each remix delivers a different style and element that will sure feed every house music lover. First, you will hear Riva Starr’s remix, as it delivers a refreshing synth driven melody. The next remix is from Purple Disco Machine, which creates a disco vibe with a smooth lead of playful synths and stamping their own addictive sound to this track. Then get ready to feast your ears with a heavy remix from the Filterheadz. They create a sensational kick to this classic track, as they bring in their own edge with echoed bass lines and a suspenseful beat, which ultimately leads you to the classic chorus of Harry’s “TANIA”. If I had to pick a favorite remix of the three, Filterheadz definitely gets my vote. Stay tuned as there will be a Part 2 – Remixes of “TANIA”.

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