Usually on a day like today where E3 is taking place, I would be nestled at a gamer buddy’s house (Shoutout to Cody The Man) shooting the shit and eating M&Ms and popcorn. However, today I am working and one of my projects is, well, this article thanks to EA’s NHL 15 game, whose trailer featured an iconic electronic record from none other than Porter Robinson. His single “Sea of Voices” was the real highlight reel for us EDM fans, although I’m sure there is some crossover for people who enjoyed the actually highlight’s from the video game that is using new physics, and all new player emotions to make things even more real. Usually you’d expect some super hype track to back the first views of gameplay, but they could not refuse the vibes, so Porter was the one who was lucky enough to have his song broadcast to millions of people worldwide. Not that he needs it, but pretty damn cool. Check out the trailer below and get ready for the release of Worlds, which is set for August 12th.