Antuan Teasley, a personal chef for Miami Heat’s Norris Cole, has been shot and killed at the Mansion nightclub on Miami Beach.

The altercation took place at around 3:40 am in the VIP section of the club, on early Tuesday morning.

Miami Beach Police spokesman Bobby Hernandez stated that people on the scene tried to help the victim, until paramedics arrived to take him to Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center, where he later passed away.

“Obviously a chaotic scene, once everybody saw the fight break out, it obviously got worse once they found out somebody got shot,” Hernandez reported.

“There was like a bang noise, like a gun, and then I looked over, right in the VIP area, everybody started getting down and started running and I was like there’s no way on earth that this is like gunshots,” club-goer Nefreteri Tomalo said.

Witnesses claim that the shooting took place after a fight; police are interviewing them to help identify a possible suspect.

Mansion nightclub is a premier location on Miami Beach and has been listed as one of the 26th highest grossing clubs in the USA.

[Source: NBC6]

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