Botnek, one of our favorite and sadly very underrated duo from Canada is back at it again with their humorous yet widely enjoyable remix of this year’s most hated song.¬†Gordon Huntley and Erick Muise decided for their latest remix to revamp, improve and master The Chainsmokers’ insufferable #SELFIE. Now don’t get me wrong, #SELFIE was funny at first, mainly because it was a mockery of the deplorable state of big room and its lack of originality, as well as the depravity of our current self-obsessed technological generation. It was definitely funny the first time. And the second, and… that was it. That song (for a lack of a better term) should not have gone viral, but it did, and now we all hate it with a deep, deep passion. But Botnek thought they could salvage it, and salvage it they did. From the iconic, high-tempo electro kick, to the re-dubbed version of the annoying vocals, Gordon and Erick truly showcased their talent as musicians and comedians with this latest remix.

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